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Vocal Technique


What would be most helpful to bring the richness and control you are looking for in your singing voice? I teach a Vocal Technique that deals directly and practically with how to get from low notes to high and back again with ease, comfort and confidence, providing you with a uniform sound in the full range of your voice without breaks or strain. It is like going to the gym for your voice: strengthening, conditioning and building coordination. This technique makes it easier to sing well regardless, of style. Difficulties with pitch, range, agility, endurance, volume, and tone can readily be resolved. Singing should always feel good; you should never be hoarse or experience pain after singing.

In my teaching, I address the neuro-muscular aspects of singing in a straightforward, efficient manner. That frees you up to concentrate on the emotional/spiritual aspects of singing so you can have an incredibly satisfying, expressive experience. In other words, you can sing your heart out!