There is good reason why when we pray or when we want to express our love, we use singing. Song is the voice of the soul, and a powerful way to connect with others. Song evokes deep emotion both in the singer and the audience.
In my teaching, I help you express yourself in the freest, most comfortable, and least self-conscious way possible. The physical mechanism of the vocal chords is the same in everyone: we are all born with the ability to sing in the most natural way. What is different in each of us is the way we prevent ourselves from freely singing through muscular tension, which is usually experienced as worry.

Muscular tension is related to humiliation, trauma, and the psychology of self-criticism. Unfortunately, a little humiliation seems to go a long way. We all can sing comfortably and freely as small children, but through the process of socialization we become self-conscious with the need to conform or comply. In the same way media saturation has made us think there is only one way our bodies are supposed to look, it has also given us a very narrow definition of how we should sound. It is not how you sound, but how you feel when you sing that's important. When you feel good, you sound good!

All of us are singers and all of us have a story to tell. Singing is a birthright. As a natural function of the body, it is a deeply expressive extension of our ability to speak. My goal is to help you re-integrate music and singing into the warp and weave of your life, not as a separate activity for separate people, but as something that flows easily in and out of the activities of daily life; as a means of connecting with yourself and others. © 1999, JM


"I make music because of you. Thanks for helping me find my voice - and the home I've been looking for all my life."- Class participant, CA

" I have studied with many voice teachers before and have never been quite satisfied. Sure, they were technically apt, but each one had his/her own agenda about how to train my voice and never really understood my process as a musician. I had been searching for a new teacher when I was lucky enough to find Judith May. I knew from the first session that I had found the teacher I had always dreamed of. Not only does she have the technical background and complete understanding of the vocal instrument - but from day ONE, she made it a priority to understand ME and MY feelings about my voice and my musical path. This sensitivity and understanding helped her to truly bring out my best in a way that was perfect for me - instead of just sending me through some "standard" vocal training method. I would recommend Judith to everyone from the professional vocalist, to the shower singer who just wants to celebrate the joy that music brings to the soul. Judith is one of the greatest gifts I have received in my vocal career as well as my LIFE. Thank you Judith!" -K. M.

" Thank you for the voice workshop. The singing and improvization were absolutely liberating and nourishing. I love your spirit and zest." -Rev. A.A., Class participant

" A very powerful and moving experience." -Class participant, CA "Judith is both a supportive, creative teacher and a healing presence who really feeds my spirit of play and discovery. I always feel affirmed and hopeful when I leave my sessions." -J.T., SF

" Judith's incredible grasp of music is only surpassed by her warm, personable teaching style" -Jerry